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Benefits and differences from ordinary financial leasing

  • the transfer of rights to use the leasing assets by the lessor where the lessee retains the right to possess property and is legally responsible for all risks, including the risks of damage and repair of the property
  • in case of theft, damage or loss of the property the full meaning of rent is lost and the lease is no longer valid
  • in case of late payment of the contribution, all accrued penalty sanctions are not assigned by the company to its income account, but transferred to charity
  • the beginning of the lease is the date when the leased property is transferred to the lessee but not the time of purchase of the property and before its delivery to the lessee
  • the Lessee may sell the leased property to a third party, with the concurrence of the company, but in this case, all lease obligations transferred to the acquirer in the full measure
  • as collateral for the leasing contract is the property itself, in the case of involvement of the client contribution at least 20% of the total cost of the acquired property (additional collateral is required in exceptional cases)