еаэсOn October 19, 2017, “Ijara Company Kyrgyzstan” CJSC participated in the Round Table on a theme: “DEVELOPMENT OF INTERSTATE LEASING IN THE FRAMEWORK OF THE EURASIAN ECONOMIC UNION” at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, organized by the Subcommittee on Leasing of the RF CCI Committee on Financial Markets and Credit Organizations .
Representatives of industry associations from the EEU member countries, the RF CCI, RUIE, the Bank of Russia, and the Eurasian Economic Commission of the EEU also took part in the round table. Industry associations of the EEU member countries were represented by the Association of Lessors of Belarus, non-commercial partnership “LEASING UNION” (Russia), the Association of Financiers of Kazakhstan, the Union of Banks of Kyrgyzstan and other representatives of leasing companies from the EEU member countries.
Ulan Satyvaldiev, CEO of “Ijara Company Kyrgyzstan” CJSC, conveyed welcome speech to the participants of the round table and spoke about the leasing market in Kyrgyzstan and the prospects for its development, expressing at the same time the desire to take an active part in the integration process.
The main issues that were discussed at the round table:
– Interstate leasing within the framework of the EEU. The stage of development prospects. Stop factors.
– Risks of leasing transactions between the EEU member countries. Minimization of risks.
– Harmonization of leasing regulatory structure of the EEU member countries.
– Cooperation of national leasing associations in order to develop leasing between the EEU member countries and third countries.